My last column ended with”I don’t like anyone writing on my comics,….not even Stan Lee.”

Daredevil issue 1 CGC Signature Series Stan LeeI guess my dislike for Signature Series books would go all the way back ,to when 10 year old me stupidly signed my name to the top right hand corner of Silver Surfer # 1,2,3, and yes, number 4, only to realize as I became more knowledgeable in the collecting world, that this was a great way to make my books very unattractive to sell or trade. As well as devalue them.

How many times have you seen a very attractive raw Silver Age Key that says all over it,”I’m stupid Dennis’ book”! Now you can insert your name or any other persons name you like in that spot and you probably catch my drift.

Now I do have a signed ASM#47 hanging on my wall with John Romita’s signature and a raw FF# 69 with what is undoubtedly Stan Lee’s signature on it (and no Mike, you can’t have it:) but I look at those as personal mementos, not investments.

Intellectually I understand the value of a 3rd party graded book, signed by the creator. That is different than one signed by me at 10 years old: I get that. But my suggestion to CGC is that since the book is encapsulated and 3rd party guaranteed, why not have the signature done discreetly on the margin of the inside Page 1 Splash!

This way the cover is left pristine to the grade assigned and has the coveted signature of the creator strategically placed as to not mar the book. At least have the option. Maybe you do and I am just unaware of it .

Nothing makes me cringe more than a 9.0 or better book with a big, ugly signature scrawled all over the pristine cover. UGGH!!

Like I said, I don’t like anyone writing on my comics…..not even Stan Lee!