I have been working up for this, my last column of 2017 for the whole year. The idea came to mind as many do, completely by accident. Every once in awhile a Silver age page of Jack Kirby pencils makes its way onto my computer via Facebook or some website or another, and I started to save them in a file for this column.

We have been really blessed in 2017 with some incredible Artist and Artifact Editions of my favorite artists from the Silver Age, including a couple of fabulous Fantastic Four editions, but most Kirby pencils are from his move to DC in the seventies. Even though I found these editions extremely enjoyable they just aren’t from the era that I think was the prime era of Jack Kirby. So without any more hyperbole from me, is what I collected for this post.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Let’s hope 2018 has as many memorable Artist/Artifact Editions as 2017.

All the best in the upcoming Christmas and Holiday Season! And continued Happy Collecting!