Disabled Comic Characters

Superheroes are known for their extra special abilities that make them better than the average human. It gives them the ability to fight crime or foil evil. But, sometimes these superhuman characters are just like everyday people, even those with disabilities.

Listed below are a couple characters that have disabilities. Some you may not have heard of, and others are so well-known you may have forgotten that they had disabilities at all.

A more well-known disabled superhero, he grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. He was blinded by radioactive chemicals that left him without sight, but with all of his other senses heightened.

Professor X
Another famous disabled hero is Professor Charles Francis Xavier, leader of the X-men. He became a paraplegic when an alien named Lucifer dropped a very large rock on his legs. Professor X’s chair is an iconic symbol of the x-men.

A member of Alpha Flight, Puck was originally 7 feet tall, but after trying to steal the Black Blade of Baghdad, the tall wanderer used his body to stop a trapped evil sorcerer from escaping, which left him half his size. He became a little person standing at 3 feet 6 inches tall, but was still extremely agile and strong.

Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara Gordon, was shot by Joker during an ambush in her home, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She uses a wheelchair, but still continues to fight evil and kick ass.

Thor/Dr. Donald Blake
In the 1960’s Thor comics, Thor’s father Odin teaches him a lesson in humility by placing him in the body of Dr. Donald Blake, a human who needs the aid of a cane to walk. After a vacation to Norway, Dr. Blake discovers Thor’s hidden hammer and after using it against a rock, he is transformed into the demigod.

Samuel Jackson as Elijah Price
Not really a comic book character, but Elijah Price is a comic book lover from the movie Unbreakable. The villain was born with a rare disease that makes his bones break easily. His obsession with comics makes him believe that there is an unbreakable person out there to be a superhero to his super villain.

Captain Marvel Jr.
This superhero may have some great powers, but his alter-ego Freddy Freeman is a disabled newsboy. His spine and legs were broken when Captain Marvel punched Captain Nazi into a lake that Freddy and his grandfather were fishing in.

First Appeared in New Warriors, vol. 1. She was bred to have super powers by a hidden cult called the Dragon’s Breath. There she developed the power to teleport over short distances and melt into darkness allowing her to hide from enemies. Born in New York City, she became a super hero vigilante, protecting the streets with her brother, Midnight’s Fire. Then one day she was shot by police gunfire and was paralyzed from the waist down.

There are many comic characters that have disabilities. I think this sends such a positive message, that no matter what happens to a person, it’s their courageous heart that makes them a real hero. And they can still kick ass! These characters continue to do what they love (like fighting crime, or committing it) even when they fall onto hardships in their lives.

Leigh Hart
Leigh Hart

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Scott VanderPloeg
12 years ago

Interesting list. In Puck’s case I’m not sure being short and being disabled are one and the same.

Was Silhouette still an active vigilante after being shot and paralyzed from the waist down?

Ed Campbell
12 years ago

Misty Knight and Winter Soldier both have prosthetic arms.

8 years ago

were is clint barton? he’s deaf.