Hey Everyone, It’s Halloween today!

Halloween is my favourite holiday and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do! Last weekend I was able to dress up and go out to the Silver Snail Halloween party. This is the first time I attended the Snail party and I will definitely go again. It took place at Andrew Richard Designs. I am usually pretty hardcore about my costume, so it was great to be around like minded people, it was like cosplay on steroids. Everywhere I looked there was another great costume.

If you have never been out to a Silver Snail Halloween party before I would definitely suggest it. Even if you aren’t hardcore about your costume you will be accepted and loved (as long as it’s a little nerdy).

Some of my favourite comic/nerdy themed costumes are below: (all photos by Paul Hillier Photography)

Storm (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

Mystique (Photo by: Paul Hillier Photography)

Female Iron Man (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

Black Cat (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

Jean Grey (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

In the past, my Halloween costumes have mostly been comic book themed, but this year I knew there would be a lot of Harley Quinns and Dr. Whos walking around so I decided to think a little out of the box. This year I went as Colonel Sanders.

Me as Colonel Sanders (Photo by Paul Hillier Photography)

If you went as something comic or nerdy related for Halloween let me know below! And remember, if you are against giving out teeth rotting candy, you can always give away comic books instead. Let’s face it….children hate healthy snacks like raisins, but we all love a good superhero story.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!