DC Allows Tuesday Sales

Just received this from DC, regarding their gigantic New 52 HC.


Due to a printing delay, the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 HC (AUG110243) will not arrive at retail for Wednesday, December 7. It is now is scheduled to arrive in stores for Wednesday, December 14.

To allow the maximum pre-holiday selling season for the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 HC, retailers who receive shipments from Diamond on Tuesdays will be allowed to sell the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 HC beginning Tuesday, December 13.[/quote]

So retailers are secret shopped and harangued to make sure no comic ever goes on sale before Wednesday, even to the point of ridiculousness in cases where manga is regularly available on Tuesdays in bookstores.

DC has a printing problem and suddenly Tuesday is a great day to sell their massive $150 tome that I can’t see anybody actually buying.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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  1. I don’t see a problem with this book being available one day earlier because it’s a week late.

    A smart store could turn this into an event to promote the sale of the book.

  2. Diamond made it very clear to all retailers NO BOOKS TO BE SOLD BEFORE WEDNESDAY. They send secret shoppers around the country to enforce this policy.

    How could a “smart store” build an event around a $150 hardcover? I doubt most stores ordered a copy for their shelves: that kind of money usually means pre-orders only.

    You were gung-ho about getting a copy when it was announced: still have one on order?

  3. I never ordered one from my comic book shop, because I don’t know what kinds of funds were going to be available this close to Christmas.

    I was looking at Amazon and they are offering it for $110. I may grab from there or my local store. I haven’t decided yet. But yes I am going to buy this book.

    I have a question for you Scott… why are you against Diamond for allowing a store from selling this book one day early?

    When the more recent Star Wars movies were released, they couldn’t be shown the previous day, but a lot of screens showed the movie at 12:01am.

    Many stores have midnight parties for various video games and movie releases (I remember my local Future Shop being opened at midnight for Avatar and Shrek 2). The rules are just as strict from the suppliers of movies and video games and stores are allowed to change their hours to accomadate the customer.

    This is just Diamond allowing the retailers to accomadate their customers.

    If a store wanted to make an event about it, they could promote the release of the book within the store. A real nice display could be made to show off the book and maybe promote the release of #2 #3 and so on. Not every store is going to order this book, but I still think it is an interesting book to own. I will get a copy of it, just not on Tuesday.

    But if someone is desperately wanting the new HC 52 as a Christmas present, at least it will be available to have under the tree in time for the 25th.

  4. And… since the original release date was supposed to be December 7th, Diamond isn’t allowing comic book shops to sell the book one day early… technically they are letting a shop sell it 6 days late.

  5. Supposed to ship and actually shipping are very different things. If it was available for sale yesterday and Diamond didn’t get it out to retailers that’s one thing, but that’s not the case.

  6. There is a standard. They are just making an exception for one. Since they create the policy, aren’t they allowed to make changes?

  7. DC has over 50 titles that are delayed: why aren’t they selling those on Tuesdays to help out those who have been waiting?

    All publishers distributed through Diamond agreed to early delivery and Wednesday sales.

    There are always excuses to break the rules and make exceptions.

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