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Return of the Spinner Rack

I came across an interesting article recently that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. The article is by Adam Barnhardt over at Comicbook.com: I found this quite interesting and would be interested in hearing the thoughts of the…

Where to Sell

In my last write up, I wrote about being more strategic with your purchases and not letting sentiment dictate your investment decisions. One of the things I discussed was understanding the value of a book. Buying a $100 book over…

Store Layout & Merchandising

We previously discussed the type of comic book shop you wanted, and what areas you would focus on. With seed capital, retailer accounts with distributors and a retail location you are ready to put your dreams into a physical space: your store.

Location and Store Vision

The retailing waters have been tested at one days shows and you've enjoyed the experience and see opening a comic book store as a viable option. Now it's time to find a location and determine what kind of comic shop you want.

Testing The Waters: One Day Shows

Opening a comic shop is a major commitment in money, time and sanity. Many have the itch and inclination to do so, but lack the experience in sales, customer service and business acumen. The rise of the local comic show presents a low cost opportunity to test the waters and see if a comic shop is a dream worth pursuing.

Retailer Q | #13: Exchange Rate Dilemna

The days of parity between the U.S. and Canadian dollar are over, with economists predicting a $0.85 Canadian dollar for the next three to five years. Diamond's conversion this week was 114.89%. Which leads me to this Retailer Q: how is your store pricing comics?

“Dream” Comic Book Shop

The other night a friend and I got into a discussion after leaving our favourite comic book shop. It all started with him saying "If I had a million dollars, I'd open a comic book shop." (If you want to play along, sing it to the tune of "If I Had $1,000,000" by Barenaked Ladies).
Comic 1 Books storefront. Image courtesy of clearvisionstudios.net

Tom Laing 1949-2013

On Monday May 27th 2013 Tom Laing passed away. That name might not right a bell right away, but he was the owner of Comic 1 Books in Stoney Creek Ontario. I don’t think I ever knew his last name…

Global News is clueless about comics

A “news” article on Global discusses a comic collection on auction this weekend in Vancouver. It’s one of Canada’s largest comic book collections. Sixty thousand comics that were amassed over four decades by an East Vancouver man who doesn’t want…

Over 4.6 Million comics ordered for FCBD 2013

Well, that is a lot of comics. Diamond just announced the following in their retail newsletter.   Comic book specialty retailers worldwide expect record attendance at this year’s Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and have also pushed their ordering to record levels—with…

November Comic Sales Data

Comic sales in November were off by 1.1% compared to November 2011 but when we take into account November 2011 had 5 Wednesday figure show comic sales were actually up. Year to date 2012 the market is up 14.63% over the…

Comic Book Data for May 2012

Diamond Comic Distributors has release the May 2012 Direct Market figures, here’s how things break down. Marvel Comics was May’s leading publisher in both Retail Dollar and Unit Market Shares to specialty retailers with 35.32% and 38.64% respectively. DC Entertainment,…

Store Closings & Our Part

A lot of news has been made over the closing of Dragon Lady Comics, a Toronto comic shop that’s been around for a long time, first on Queen Street and then on College Street since 1996. A good amount of…

DC Allows Tuesday Sales

Just received this from DC, regarding their gigantic New 52 HC. [quote]DC COMICS ANNOUNCES SPECIAL TUESDAY ON-SALE DATE FOR DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 HC Due to a printing delay, the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 HC (AUG110243)…

52Q | #57: Comic Shop First Look

Back by popular demand, Comic Book Daily asks the question and the crew (and special guests) give their answers. Tip of the hat goes to Scott VanderPloeg for this week’s question. What do you look for, specifically or metaphysically, when you walk into a new-to-you comic shop?