I came across an interesting article recently that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. The article is by Adam Barnhardt over at Comicbook.com:


I found this quite interesting and would be interested in hearing the thoughts of the readers of this column as to the benefits or liabilities of this venture.

Now I am not familiar with any of these titles that Alterna Comics publishes but I will check it out.

My immediate thought is that it looks like a way to get comics out in front of a new audience, which as we know,right now the numbers are going in the wrong direction.The cost will be more affordable for the casual comic buyer and the staggered by three months distribution of the books, should drive these new readers into our favorite comic shops when they realize that they can get the next issues there before the staggered news stand schedule allows!

Am I missing something here?

Let me know. Continued Happy Collecting!