Jim Shooter being sued by Valiant Entertainment?

214px-JimShooter11.15.08ByLuigiNovi1There’s deep rumblings from the underbelly of the internet that Jim Shooter; of both Marvel and DC fame as well as creator of much of the Valiant universe is being sued by Valiant Entertainment Inc. At the San Diegeo Comic Con, it was announced that Jim Shooter would be at Dark Horse heading up a revival of some of the Valiant properties such as Turok, Magnus and Solar. However, it looks like Valiant is trying to throw a wrench into their plans by preventing them from printing this material. Of course, the question is why do something about it now instead of way back when it was first announced? Details are very sketchy at the moment. But we’ll bring back some solid evidence as soon as we can.

Shooter has a long and controversial history in the comic book world, known for being something of a tyrant during his tenure as EiC at Marvel and just recently being booted from his critically lauded return to the Legion of Superheroes.

On the valiantfans.com message board, there are rumors flying around about this lawsuit being filed with the Supreme Court of New York State. Hopefuly more will come.

Update: We have confirmation of a pending action against Shooter by Valiant. No specifics have been filed in court yet, but the motion has been entered into the court database system.


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