Marvel Mocks DC #1s

If you take a look at the latest copy of Marvel Previews you will see that a number of titles have a “Still #(issue number)”. Marvel seems to be goofing on DC for having all new #1 issues in September.

This is actually pretty funny, but it comes off as hypocritical and mean spirited because Marvel has re-started their series numerous times as well. This is the comic book equivalent of Larry King making fun of someone for being married more than once.

So what are your thoughts? Harmless fun, or a cheap shot for publicity?

Anthony Falcone
Anthony Falcone

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  1. Funny that they’d do this on a book that they are relaunching to #1 this fall…

  2. It is funny how quickly they forget the dual numbering from the early 2000’s.  I snickered when I saw that note as well. 

    I don’t think Marvel will ever reboot their numbering.  If DC doesn’t revert back, Marvel will gladly try to hit issue 1000 on one of their books.

  3. Shouldn’t you be focusing on that absolutely horrendous Greg Land cover instead? It looks like the juggernaut is sticking his head through one of those cardboard cut out/photo op things.

  4. You’re right Marc. I couldn’t quite place what was wierd about Juggernaughts head, but you pegged it for me. The more you look at it the more out of place his head seems.
    As for Marvel, they have proud history of spoofing DC. Remember BRAND ECHHH. Okay, the older readers will remember it.

  5. I could write an entire column on bad covers. At least this cover explains what happens in the issue (weird cut out thing aside). 

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