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Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America graces the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Is it just me or does Chris Evans look eerily like Nathan Fillion?  Via ICv2. Shelley Smarz is a comic book scholar and business woman.

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Meet the Future Winter Soldier

Today, the Hollywood Reporter broke word that Sebastian Stan – one of the actors who tested for the part of Captain America – has instead been cast as Bucky Barnes in director Joe Johnston’s “The First Avenger: Captain America.” As dedicated comic…

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Check Out These Losers…

Reading writer Andy Diggle’s Twitter feed today, I ended up at the twitter of Stringer Belle himself Idiris Elba. Who posted this cheerful photo of the film’s cast. The cast: (From Left to Right) Idris Elba (Rocque), Columbus Short (Pooch),…

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