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Shelley Smarz

Con Report Thursday

Ah, the first day of Fan Expo 2011. It was busy, but not too busy (which was nice). I do, however, think that things are just going to get busier from here on out. Before I begin, I should probably do…

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Green Lantern: Is that all there is?

As one Green Lantern fan said, “It’s the best we’re gonna get, which is not necessarily a good thing.” Well, better late to the party than never showing up, I finally saw Green Lantern. It was all right. Granted, I…

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Gene Colan: 1926-2011

On Thursday June 23, 2011 at around 11pm, Gene Colan died from complications related to liver disease and a broken hip. He was 84. We’ve lost another one of the Silver Age greats, folks. He made an indelible mark on…

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DCU Reboot: A Reaction

It’s been a little over two weeks since DC announced that it was rebooting its Universe and releasing a whole slew of #1s. During that time, I’ve struggled to organize my thoughts on the subject, how this will affect the…

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Geek Pride Day

Today is the Glorious 25th May (“Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love and a Hard-Boiled Egg!”). It is also Towel Day (so don’t panic). And, it’s also a possible date for Star Wars Day (as Episode IV: A New Hope…

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