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Burlington Toy Show – June 1, 2014

Yesterday I attended the summer edition of the Burlington Toy Show (presented by RPG Events). This edition of the BTS featured a wide variety vendors selling all sorts of toys and collectibles from new to vintage classic toys. Actually... a lot of vintage and classic toys. There seems to be a trend at the local toy show circuit of late 80's/early 90's toys making an appearance. I have been finding more and more C.O.P.S., Dick Tracy and MASK toys. Dick Tracy wasn't as popular as expected in the 90's, but the toys are very stylistic and cool. Plus you can collect the complete series of figures right now at various shows, for as little as $5 each.
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“Nerdy Christmas” Movies

Christmas is just a few short days away. It's time to slow down, kick back and enjoy the holidays, that is of course if you've finished all your shopping. If you haven't... I feel for ya! Leading up to Christmas, I like to take it easy with a nice whiskey, some homemade caramel corn and a movie. In our house we have our family favourites like "A Christmas Story" and "Jingle All The Way"... shut up... that movie is awesome.
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