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Collected New 52

First off every title is getting a collection of at least six issues, so DC clearly has no plans to cancel any of their New 52 titles within the first six months. Since they required books to be done well in advance I'd hazard a guess they already have at least six issues ready to go.
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Holy Terror

It’s been heavily promoted by Legendary Pictures, as only a movie studio can do.  Preview pages, an animated short, press releases and coverage everywhere.  For it’s first foray into comics Legendary has published Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, his response to…

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Trades & Hardcovers

Freshly returned from Montreal Comiccon 2011 my head is still full of crowds, books and art.  My focus here is the collected edition market at the show: hardcovers, trade paperbacks, graphic novels. First off this was a comic centric show…

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This is billed as a humour story for children eight and up. The story is very straightforward with that Powell sensibility: a bearded girl finds a monster and takes it back with her to the circus. She encounters a witch that later makes a deal with a pharmaceutical company; in the process she's kidnapped and eventually is freed by her monster.
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Turf from Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards looked interesting; 1929 New York with a vampire problem and aliens.  After reading it I think they should have done 1929 New York with vampires and a second book with 1929 New…

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It was October 1978 that Empire, the first graphic novel, appeared on bookstore shelves.  That’s the same month Eisner’s A Contract With God made its début, and Empire is one illustrated story while Eisner’s work is a collection of short…

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Screaming Planet

Humanoids week continues at Comic Book Daily with a look at Alexandro Jodorowsky’s Screaming Planet.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: [quote]All that remains of a prosperous, warm planet destroyed by the madness of its inhabitants many years ago…A living piece of…

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Hard Premium

I like hardcover books: they feel sturdy in your hand and hold up to frequent reading.  What I don’t like is paying a ridiculous premium for the privilege of this format. Marvel is a good benchmark for this pricing disparity:…

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