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Covered 365: Day 222

Wonder Woman #222, DC Comics, December 2005. Artist: J.G. Jones. Day 222 will be themed, it belongs to the adversaries squaring off covers lead by J.G. Jones’ striking Wonder Woman #212 (1987 series). Marc Silvestri adds to the theme with…

Web Arted #316

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Jones, Gaudiano, Lark, McLeod, Perez, Manco, Kayanan.

Web Arted Aug 10th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days: Sienkiewicz, Jones, Stewart, Yu, Smith, Pope, Anka, Allred and more!

The Comedian #1

On the heels of its first two Before Watchmen titles, Minute Men and Silk Spectre, last week DC released the third entry in its set of prequel stories plotted before Alan Moore's infamous Watchmen series. The Comedian follows suit comparably to the previous Before Watchmen books in their portrayal of the principal characters' lives leading into Moore's work, and while each has added considerable layers to pre-existing elements of the plot and the respective character histories, inevitably they suffer from the same affliction inherent to the premise of these tales

Before Watchmen

We've had our fair share of speculation regarding a Watchmen prequel, but now we know for sure. DC is on a roll and they want to keep the momentum building. How better to do that then resurrect one of their best selling properties.

Green Lantern #67

Green Lantern #67 arrived in stores last week, and with its arrival, the War of the Green Lanterns epic also concluded. With this issue, volume four of the title ended. The only question is whether it ended on a low-note or a high one. Forward!