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Review | Siege: Embedded

I was perusing the new books at my local comic book shop and came across Siege: Embedded in softcover.  I noticed it because Chris Samnee had done the art: he’s been making a name and is doing the art on…

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Review: Siege #1

Story by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales Lettered by Chris Eliopoulos Coloured by Laura Martin Okay.. if you’re not familiar with the last ….ugh, seven years of Marvel history: you might want to read this…

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Teaser: Marvel's The Siege

We had it up before in a grainy you-tube version, now take a gander at it in glorious hi-res. Marvel is going full steam ahead with it’s promotion campaign for The Siege – Bendis’ ‘logical’ next step in the overrall…

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