1. February 6

    Thanks Jenn. For all of the work we do week after week at the Joe Shuster Awards maintaining lists, articles and information on Canadians in the industry it’s disappointing to read that a Harry Kremer Retailer Award winner doesn’t know about our online resources re: Canadian creators.

    For example, if one was interested in knowing what comics were published featuring work by Canadians in English in 2011 they could visit this page:

    Or if they would like to sample Canadian webcomics they could go here:

    Or if they were looking to find a Canadian retailer they could visit here:

  2. February 6

    Or perhaps someone is looking for recommendations for younger readers they can visit here and then visit the individual pages for the Comics for Kids nominees and winners for the last three years:

    Jenn’s Comics in the Classroom website (linked on that page) actually features lists of books that they recommend to younger readers at the various reading levels. Not just a valuable resource for teachers but to parents as well.

  3. Laura
    February 9

    As long as people give even a slight indication of what they might like, recommendations come pretty easy.

    I had a top five I did for XMAS, so I’ll just post here
    1. Walking Dead
    2. Hark a Vagrant
    3. Sailor Moon
    4. Blacksad
    5. Chi’s Sweet Home

    1. Batman: Hush
    2. Ultimate Spider-Man 1
    3. Green Lantern: Rebirth
    4. House of M
    5. Ultimates 1 & 2 (but not the garbage that is 3)

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