1. Ryan P
    November 18

    Is it wrong that sometimes when they are in the comic shop I catch myself looking more at the background to see what toys they have for sale? Yes I realize I might have a problem.

    • Don’t feel bad Ryan, I am sure you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, I look too.

  2. Laura
    November 23

    I have dual feelings on this.
    1. It’s great for comic books and retailers. The show has new people checking out comic stores, and if the store is good, people will learn that most comic fans are not simpering weirdos like Sheldon. The store makes more money, the fan learns a few things, everyone wins.

    2. It’s a god awful show, dreck to the highest degree. It’s not funny, it’s insulting to real comic fans, and is annoying as hell.

    • Ed Campbell
      November 24

      What is a real comic book fan?

      • Laura
        November 24

        Anyone who likes comics. The show just emphasizes the stereotype that all comic readers are basement dwelling antisocial weirdos. From my experience, most comic readers are just like everyone else. Unique individuals, and liking comics is only one small facet of their individual person.

  3. Keith
    February 8

    I agree with Laura–the show doesn’t really portray comic fans accurately. The producers really must think that true comic fans won’t notice the obvious push for DC comics and DC related merchandise in the comic shop. Yes, I’m aware that Warner Bros. is the parent company of DC and distributes “The Big Bang Theory”. But come on, man. What modern comic store has no Spider-Man or Wolverine merchandise but TONS of Flash, Hawkman and Green Lantern stuff?

  4. Mike
    December 14

    THe kind that can’t legally display the trademarks and copyrights of their competitors without openning themselves up to crippling lawsuits.

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