1. Charlie
    June 10

    I started reading EoW recently, along with SEX. They are both interesting enough but after 3 issues, the storyline is still being set up. Although I’m intrigued enough to keep reading, there’s not enough for me to recommend these titles yet. Both feel familiar to me… EoW reminds me of Akira, at least in tone… and SEX seems like it’s being set up as an exploration of Batman/Catwoman with undertones of Watchmen. I find the Batman/Catwoman relationship not very original… almost cliche. If the creative team is unable to introduce anything new, I’ll most likely drop this book. Another title I recently stumbled upon was the Activity… now up to 13 issues I believe. I love the art in this series but I haven’t started buying or reading it yet. Any chance you can do a review on it before I commit and seek out all 13 issues?

    As a fellow designer… of info-graphics in particular… I thought you’d might appreciate this. The layout is not so great but it’s a nice retrospective:


    Very nice write up Andy, as usual. Your thoughts are very well organized.

    • That graphic is cool. Reminds me of Mark Waid’s BIRTHRIGHT book in which in turned out the S wasn’t really an S on Krypton.

      I haven’t picked up SEX for one reason or another. Honestly the concept didn’t appeal to me at first blush. Perhaps if I run out of other things to read, I’ll give it a try.

      EAST OF WEST definitely has some work to do to make it stand out from the ocean of apocalyptic titles out there, but so far it’s keeping me coming back.

      THE ACTIVITY, on the other hand, is great. It’s like a modernized version of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE with a Call of Duty/Bourne thing going on. Also, the writer, Nathan Edmondson, is one of my favorites working today. I’ll pick up almost anything he writes, but particular favorites are THE LIGHT and WHO IS JAKE ELLIS. I wrote about another one of his books, DANCER, on this site, too:


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