1. 1/20/2011

    Sigh, yes sadly, you’re still not real a comics professional till you’ve whored out for the big two.

  2. Ed

    I didn’t think XMFC was going to be ready for release this year. I would prefer it for them to take the time to develop the story and make a great movie. With a release date this summer I hope it does well. I look forward to see Jayson Flemyng, Oliver Platt and Ray Wise in this one. Having it take place in the 60’s is a great idea. It will set it apart from the other super hero movies.

    The casting of Anne Hathaway is a good choice. She will be able to portray Selina Kyle/Catwoman as vulnerable or strong as the character needs to be. She can play a character tough. A good example is Agent 99 in Get Smart.

    I am not sure about Bane being in the next Batman movie. I think there are other characters in Batman’s Rogues Gallery that I would have chosen first (ie: Penguin). I have faith in Christopher Nolan and trust that the next film will be amazing.

  3. Laura

    Penguin is too goofy to be a villain. I think Catwoman and Bane have the darkness and realness needed for Nolan’s Batman movies. I also think Hathaway will be able to play the role with a lot of necessary depth.

  4. Ed

    The original rumours of Phillip Seymor Hoffman playing Penguin would have been interesting. The character could have been easily changed from a goofy circus sideshow freak (DeVito) to a dark criminal mastermind with lots of depth.

    Black Mask would have been interesting as well.

  5. Laura

    Casting doesn’t sound finished either. Still lots of rumours running around!

  6. Jill


    I don’t know what to do about this movie. I like that it’s being set in the 60s. I like that most of the cast. McAvoy and Fassbender are great choices for the two leads. Jennifer Laurence was fantastic in Winter’s Bone, and Nicholas Hoult was really good in A Single Man last year. I’m iffy about January Jones and agree that Alice Eve is more my image of Emma.

    As for Batman… I like Anne Hathaway and hope that she can pull this off. Do you think the 2 female lead rumours are true?

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