Before I talk about Batman, Let’s start with some X-Men: First Class. Since they announced that XMFC was going to be a period piece I was pretty pumped for it. With the exception of Sandman Mystery Theatre we haven’t had many GREAT superhero period pieces that really explored the effect of capes during that time period. (I’m not counting Astro City or Captain America because I feel those don’t count as they take place in world’s where superheroes have always existed.)

I know that X-Men probably won’t deal with it in an intricately plotted way, and will probably focus more on how Mutants came to be hated more than anything else, but I’m still looking forward to seeing something different in your average superhero film.

And while I was initially skeptical of January Jones as Emma Frost (not a dig on her acting skills, she’s great on Mad Men, I just liked the initial casting of Alice Eve more) but she certainly seems to look the part.

Will this movie be any good? I really don’t know.  Guess we’ll wait and see what happens when it comes out.

So Bane, huh? I have enough faith in Christopher Nolan that I know he’s going to do a good job. I may not really like the character – but Nolan hasn’t let me down yet. Plus Tom Hardy is awesome, so no complaints on that.

Of course, the only weak link in Nolan’s films thus far has been his female casting. Katie Holmes did a decent enough job, but she’s not a very strong presence – something that Maggie Gyllenhal also suffers from. Maybe there just wasn’t enough room, but I never really bought Rachel Dawes as a character that mattered to me. She wasn’t Batman’s salvation, nor was she the inspiring figure she should have been.

That said Ann Hathaway is a wonderful actress, but I don’t buy her as dangerous, and that’s exactly what Selina Kyle has to be. Needless to say, I think we’ll all be keeping an eye on this one.

I would read the hell out of this comic, should Warwick Johnson Cadwell choose to draw it:

Alan Day investigates the daylight world tag-teaming with Oliver Knight who gumshoes the sleazy after hours. No doubt each mystery climaxes at either dawn or dusk when the pair are united. Theme tune by The Kinks

You should also go buy Kani: Definitely the greatest underwater deep-sea diving samurai adventure you’ll read all year.

I still really want a Mister Miracle mini-series later this year. Any chance of that happening DC?

And finally the best thing Joe Casey has said this year. Which is sort of saying something ’cause this guy has been dropping jems!

I find it hilarious that Image would be seen as some sort of “stepping stone” that leads specifically to Big Two employment. Isn’t it obvious that doing your own comics is the goal, the ultimate career destination?