1. Peter Karavas
    July 10

    Anthony – I’ll be going to Disney World this summer, so I will keep my eye out for any Marvel updates to report back to you and the gang.

  2. July 10

    At least Disney is supporting their Marvel brand in their local stores like Disney Store. The amount of merchandise has increased over the last year. Many local stores did promotions involving The Avengers.

    Now you can buy Marvel Select figures, Amazing Spider-Man toys, Avengers figures, T shirts, mugs and a large array of other Marvel collectibles.

    I think it may be one of the more popular lines for boys in their local retail stores.

    • Yes, I think that the lack of Marvel stuff in the parks really is one of those funny legal issues. The desire is there. Plus there will be some fun cross-promotional items. The Star Tours ride sells some pretty neat action figures with the Muppets or Disney Characters in Star Wars roles (Donald Duck as Vader, Fozzy Bear as Chewie, etc.) and I feel that a Mickey Mouse Spidey fig would sell pretty well.

  3. Mike Huddleston
    July 10

    Anthony I would think there is alot of legalise going on here, and once the money issues are cleared up Disney will cash in on the Avengers. It has to be alittle tough in terms of “me too” as Universal has had the terrific Spider-Man ride,Hulk coaster(getting quesey again), X-Men, Doc Doom etc. for 10 plus years. They need to start with something fresh. Iron Man and Thor might be a good starting point.It will be fascinating to see how and when they integrate Marvel into their parks

    • I feel that some sort of Star Tours type ride where you are flying in a quinjet would be pretty sweet.

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