One day comic book shows are great!

When my brother and I were kids we loved going to comic conventions. Now these weren’t a big event like Fan Expo or Comic Con, but little, one-day affairs at a local hotel. We paid our $2 (at the time still paper money) and we got to check out various vendors. We might pick up old books...

Wizard World Toronto: New Date, New Home Oct26

Wizard World Toronto: New Date, New Home

So I just got the official email that Wizard World Toronto will be held April 14-15, 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Scott: press release). Check out ticket info here.  This is good news in terms of a more accessible venue for attendees but the switch from March to April seems...

Fan Expo: Recap

Another Fan Expo has come and gone and the folks at Hobbystar must be congratulated for producing another top-notch con that excited fans of all genres. It is necessary to mention last year’s overcrowding debacle, if only to note that no such issues occurred. The South Building venue...

The Con Is On

I can feel the excitement in the air as we are only two days away from Fan Expo, the biggest and baddest nerd gathering in the Great White North. While the summer may be drawing to a close there is still a last hurrah for every trekkie before they need to trade in that tricorder for a set of...


What a weekend. It was a long drive from Hamilton to Boston (that culminated in some sort of flatulence war, not involving me I might add) but well worth the trip. The Boston Comicon was a great little show. Fantastic guests, lots of comic dealers, a great venue really do make this a must...

Collecting and Investing Tip #30

Convention Tip #8. So, you’ve saved up some extra cash and you’re planning to attend the next big comic con. There are a few glaring holes on your list and you’re all fired up about checking those issues

Collecting and Investing Tip #29

Convention Tip #7 – Network! Big, juicy delicious Comic Book Conventions don’t come to small towns. In fact you can probably count on both hands the number of really big important cons in North America

Collecting and Investing Tip #27

Convention Tip #5. There are places though where cash is still king and a comic book convention is one of those…

Collecting and Investing Tip #26

Convention Tip #4. Choose who you are going to the convention with wisely, based on your goals. I work the dealer side of the convention booth and its incredible the amount of stressful situations I’ve witnessed over the years

Collecting and Investing Tips #25

Convention Tip #3. Haggling is not for the squeamish. It takes a certain type to do it well but in reality anyone can be a good haggler if a few simple rules are followed

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