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Keep checking in for weekly comic book collecting and investing tips from Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner Walter Durajlija.

Collecting and Investing Tip #26

Convention Tip #4. Choose who you are going to the convention with wisely, based on your goals. I work the dealer side of the convention booth and its incredible the amount of stressful situations I’ve witnessed over the years
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Collecting and Investing Tips #19

Knowledge is Golden. Anyone in the game of buying and selling comic books for profit stands a much better chance of success if he or she is armed with the latest and most relevant information. This sounds like an obvious statement but you’d be surprised at the number of
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Collecting and Investing Tips #17

Year End Review. It’s been a lot of fun writing up the Collecting and Investing Tips for With our first year officially behind us I thought it would be cool to do a quick review of the tips that appeared
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Collecting & Investing Tips #12

This week’s tip is aimed at the collectors. The collectors are really the silent majority of the back issue market and a surprisingly large numbers of them don’t really know where to start when faced with the dilemma of selling their comic book collection
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