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Keep checking in for weekly comic book collecting and investing tips from Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner Walter Durajlija.

Collecting and Investing Tips #8

Storage. The proper storage of comic books is often overlooked, sometimes with costly results. The main focus of storage should be preservation of condition. Convenience of access or visual display should not be deciding factors for comic book storage.
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Collecting and Investing Tips #5

Diversify Diversifying your investments is all about spreading the risk. As the old saying goes ‘it’s never wise to have all your eggs in one basket’. If you had all your money in real estate and the real estate market tanked…

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Collecting and Investing Tips #4

Know your investing goals! Before one starts investing in anything the person should have a clear picture of their investing goals. Are we investing long term, short term, somewhere in the middle or in all three time frames at once. Investing in…

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Collecting and Investing Tips #3

Know your pet peeves! OK so you’ve figured out your collection focus and you’re doing a pretty good job sticking to it (see Collecting Tips #2 Stan). So why are there still comics in your collection that you don’t like?…

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Collecting and Investing Tips #2

Know your comfort zone and try not to leave it! Remember Sesame Street had that great segment about things not belonging. There was a catchy song – “one of these things just don’t belong here, one of these things just has to go…”…

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Collecting and Investing Tips #1

Count the pages!  Examine the comic thoroughly before you buy it. Count the pages, check for the coupons, and look for tears, creases, stains and other defects that don’t necessarily show up on the cover. The defects present in the…

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