No obvious theme today, just happy it’s hot out and that comic shops are back open (in Ontario at least).

I’m not familiar with Steve Kirkel, but his splash from This Magazine is Haunted #21 (1954) caught my eye.

I love bell bottoms already but Mary Jane Watson makes me love them even more! Love this Ross Andru splash from Marvel Team-Up #15, 1973.

I’ll come out and say something you already know, Jack Kirby was ridiculously good, ridiculously. Great two page panel from The Eternals #6, 1976.

I’m a big Pogo Possum fan, the strip was a forerunner for almost all my favourite strips that came later. Enjoy Walt Kelly’s splash page from Pogo Possum #1, 1949.

I could put up a Russ Heath splash up every week, the man was amazing. Check out this great two-page splash from G. I. Combat #137, 1969.