I thought I’d lead off with a memorable splash from DC New 52’s Catwoman #1, from November 2011. I remember when this dropped and it created quite a stir. Guillem March is the artist that will live in infamy, I think its a great piece and it opened up lots of conversations and that’s never a bad thing.

I love Russ Heath’s stuff so much and just had to include this page from a 70s Marvel mag, Vampire Tales #9 from February 1975. Great work.

I’m not sure how I happened on this Marshall Rogers splash from Detective Comics #467, February 1977, but I am sure I like it and want to share it with you.

Warren Kremer impressed the hell out of me with this splash page for First Romance #45, April 1957. There is are so many nice details for the eye to process on this page.

Al Williamson is so good! Marvel at this splash he did for Weird Fantasy #18 from March 1953.