A little something from each of the older eras this week. The Silver, Bronze and Copper are from my eBay pile so I hope they are first-time views for most people.

Big John Buscema never disappoints, check out this great fight sequence with Tiger Shark and Sub-Mariner, from Sub-Mariner #6, October 1968.

Arvell Jones and Bruce Patterson present nice perspective in the splash from Super Villain Team UP #17, June 1980.

One of the greatest splash page artists ever has to be the great Bob Fujitani. I should do a whole week devoted just to Bob! From Catman #26, September 1944.

Rich Buckler is one of those artists that didn’t get the credit he deserved, always delivered solid quality work, check out all the motion in this splash from Astonishing Tales #27, December 1974.

Jack Kirby draws great covers but his real magic happens between the covers, if there was ever a poster child for not encapsulating your comics it’s Jack Kirby. A beautiful rendering from Jimmy Olsen #133, October 1970.