Halloween Masks

On my last Pick 5 I talked about Halloween Costumes.  I listed 5 cool costumes I found on officialsuperherocostumes.com, I was looking at their site more and found some really cool masks.  So this week’s Pick 5 are some of my favourite masks I found on their site.

#5 Batman

The quality of Halloween masks have really improved over the last 30 plus years.  Now when kids go trick or treating they have realistic quality masks and costumes.  When I was a kid you’d get the plastic smock and a plastic mask that you’d attach with an elastic.  When I saw this Batman mask it reminded me of my Halloween costume when I was 6 or 7 years old.  That year I went as Dr. Strange.  I had the mask and a plastic smock that said “Dr. Strange” on it, with a picture of Dr. Strange.  I guess it made it easier for the people giving out candy to know who you’re supposed to be, with your character’s name written on your chest.  This Batman mask had to make my top 5, just for retro value alone.

#4 Tomar Re

There are several economy masks available, but the quality of this deluxe mask is awesome.  This movie quality mask of Tomar Re would look great at your costume party.  Hopefully with Green Lantern coming out on Blu-Ray in October, you won’t have to explain to people who you are for your costume.

#3 Joker

Finally a Joker mask that isn’t Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Before you get mad at me, yes, Heath Ledger was great as Joker.  The Dark Knight version of Joker is very cool and creepy, but I am soooooo bored with that costume.  It is everywhere.  I am tired of seeing people dressed up as that Joker.  This mask is a classic look for Joker.  Very cool.  Definately one I would buy.  If you are going to dress up as Joker for Halloween though, I would like to see some creativity.  Dress up as Ceasar Romero’s Joker from the 60’s series.  But first grow a sweet ‘stache, and cover it with makeup.  Romero’s Joker is still the best looking Joker.

#2 Hellboy

If you don’t feel like glueing tuna cans to your head, growing big sideburns and painting yourself red, just pick up this mask.  It would be very easy to transform yourself into “Big Red” himself.  Plus… who doesn’t want to look like Ron Perlman?

#1 Kilowog

If you are going to go as Green Lantern for Halloween, step it up and go as Kilowog.  This mask is awesome.  Plus you could use the mask later for another costume… like if you want to dress up as an orc or something.

Ed Campbell
Ed Campbell

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