Welcome to another installment of Pick Five, where one of our writers picks five of whatever comic related “fill in the blank” that tickles their fancy.

I’m a huge Darwyn Cooke fan and was recently perusing my Absolute New Frontier, marveling at some of the splash pages.  Here are five I picked at random, in order of appearance.

5. Hourman taking a fall, literally and figuratively since this sets up the storyline of the government getting rid of costumed heroes.  Love the lack of colour.

4. Our first good look at Martian Manhunter, all spooky in the ’50s observatory.

3. Superman doing his thing.  Beautiful layout.

2. Hal Jordan Trying on the ring for the first time and transforming into the Green Lantern.

1. Birth of the Justice League, recreating that iconic cover as the final page of the story.

Bonus splash for Pete.