Lining my ducks up

At the forefront of my excitement in comics today is the birth of my very own website.  I’ve put together a ‘stage’ to exhibit my artwork on and to help me continue the journey towards being an independent creator.  I’ll always want to post my artwork on CBD (if you guys’ll have me) but, I wanted a point-of-reference to direct people too at Cons and generally use as an online portfolio to develop and expand upon going forward.


It’s not been easy and is by no means finished: it is however time to push it live and let the site itself have a say in how it develops.  I rushed through a couple of pages/details to get it live in time for this post, so some of the wording and little details here and there will change along the way.

I’d really like your feedback!  Everyone involved in CBD and anyone else who reads this post.  Please have a click around and leave a comment below if you find anything annoying about the layout/functionality etc.  I’d be really interested to find out what people honestly think of it.  Just please bear in mind that it’s got a long way to go and there isn’t a lot of actual content just yet in terms of web comics.  The amount of titles will expand now the foundation is set for sure.  Also, there are still some technical problems to overcome and critical elements yet to be included.  I’m on it.

Just reading Anthony’s Drawing comics is hard work reminds me how much work is actually involved in producing this kind of content and until I start making any money, I’ll need to try and compete with the pros using time after work and at weekends only, no mean feat let me tell you… I won’t stop until something cool happens though,  you have my word on that.

Remember, it’s about the story, the fiction.  If you’re a writer or an artist, let’s put our heads together and create something cool, something that we can potentially print as part of FCBD next year and ruffle some feathers in the industry.  Let’s celebrate comics by building our own and let’s start now dammit!

I very much see this site as an extension of CBD and would love it if you guys and girls wanted to contribute in some small way?  If there’s anything I can do for you — like a link to your thing on my ‘friends’ page — or any other cool way this site could help you out, get in touch and let me know.

And say something, even if you think it’s lame 🙂

Thanks all, good to be back.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

Danny Champion is a freelance writer and artist. Follow CandyAppleFox on Twitter.

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Walter Durajlija
11 years ago

Hey Danny! quite the ambitious project you have going here. Great work so far!

I jumped around the site and while understanding what it is you are doing I was still a bit confused by the content on the Home Page and the Daily Circus Page. The About Page is beautiful and clear, I really like it as I like the Story Page though I’m sure you’re just itching to add another title in there ASAP.

The rest of the links I like though as an old fuddy duddy I’t like to see more visual emphasis on the text in the Submissions page and less emphasis on the strong graphics.

Getting back to Home Page, the page and the links seem to belong to CandyAppleFox – how will the home page link to other creators work?

Also re Daily Circus – will this link take us to other web comics?

Remember I’m not the most savvy at these things so I might be missing your intent.

Onward and upward Danny boy!

Danny Champion
11 years ago

Hello Sir,

This is exactly what I was looking for, Walt. Thanks for taking the time to click through and comment here.

At this early stage, I think it’s ok that the HP doesn’t make sense entirely. It has to ‘sell’ the only content I have so far and – in general – “confusion” equals “thinking” and “engagement” in my mind at least 🙂 The face of the site… the identity, can evolve as and when additional creators come on board and the HP will eventually have to sell the tone of the site as a whole. There just isn’t the volume of content required just yet to keep it generic.

Daily Circus:
The idea here is to link to fictional news stories relating to the content in the Story section resulting in additional content that might support the WebComics and be fairly painless in terms of creation. This will eventually be something additional for the readers (if there ever are any). It’s just not finished yet and doesn’t click through anywhere.

“Itching to get another title” – Yes! I think I’ll take the time to do a short story with CandyAppleFox to make it clear that there will be a bunch of titles eventually. I think it will be some time before anyone else wants to work with me, so… I’ll have to cover it myself until then.

Emphasis on text in Submissions:
Again, at this early stage, I just wanted to put ‘something’ on that page. If a submissions system becomes something real then the process/requirements will need to be outlined clearly… massively agree.

I heard someone say recently… “If you end up with the exact thing you thought of in the concept phase… you didn’t listen to anyone along the way.”

Cheers mate. Legendary 🙂

Walter Durajlija
11 years ago
Reply to  Danny Champion

Keep pedaling Danny! The way it is with these things is that you seem to spin your wheels for what seems like forever and then when you least expect it something catches and you are suddenly in another gear. A few of those and you’ll find yourself up front near Bradley Wiggins!

Danny Champion
11 years ago

Ha… on it, Walt 🙂