I’d just like to share a little discovery I made on the weekend, which may or may not surprise you – and may or may not be good news?!  On a crisp and foggy Saturday morning in London, I’m walking  to the local market to sample the homemade goodies and general richness, when I notice (for the first time) the Public Library hiding in plain sight by the side of the road and inviting me in.  So with an inquisitive head-tilt and an open mind, I ventured inside and was pleasantly surprised.

Whenever I’m in a general book store, I always seem to search for Comics/Grovels first (if they even have any), then Art books/Coffee-Table books – then Biographies or Poetry – and assuming there’d be very few (if any) Comics and Grovels in a secret, silent Library, I skip straight to the Art books and began my usual nose-around investigation.  On my way through to the far corner of the silent, study area with ‘clip-clop’ shoes and loud, silent whispers,  I kind of… struck gold – a Graphic Novel section?! In a library?! with a solid selection of superheroes and all the time in the world to peruse and leaf through them.  The pages are quite worn and ‘loved’ and they do smell like school but, whatever man… there was even a couch.

After a pleasing sense of discovery and a crazy need to look at absolutely everything, I make a strategic selection and take a few books (that I’ve been meaning to read for a while) to the counter, assuming there’s some kind of restriction or annoying rules applied to membership and such.   The slipper wearing, whispering staff member tells me “You can have up to 12 items at once, you can keep them for 3 weeks… and (of course) it’s free”.   So, with a smile on my face and a ‘man-bag’ full of goodies I made my escape, with a miss-placed feeling of guilt… is this a good idea? should I be buying these books from the local store? Or should the local stores offer a similar service for the graphic novels?   Interesting…

In summary, what I’m thinking is… Should the local comic shop offer a rental service? Or, do they already?

Just thinking out loud again.