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Looking ahead to the not-so-distant Summer of Superheroes, It’s easy to feel excitement for the coming ‘events’ in comics… on printed pages, glowing screens and – in 3 dimensions in our periphery.

As comics-people, we’re all waiting for the same things/events I guess, I just wanted to share my  favourites – and invite you to share yours.

The first on my list is Justice League #7, available at the local comic shop this week.   With the re-introduction of mysterious character Pandora  whom could (potentially) become an integral ‘cog’ in the new DCU’s continuing, blissfully ignorant and on-going…  rotation.  Revealed in the intro (Issue 6 – titled ‘The Beginning’)  was the startling realisation that she… (Pandora) may hold the key to the secrets behind the DC re-launch from inside the fiction.  The full extent of her current knowledge/involvement in… (and of) the old DCU (since Flashpoint/New 52) will of course, only be teased in the coming issues… not fully divulged.  Is she aware of the old universe inside the story? is she capable of reversing everything? do we want… or even need that information at this point?  Whatever happens – the DC story as a whole continues here, the pivotal moments that concern the entire DCU will be available on the pages of Justice League, probably in quite vague and cryptic suggestions, rather than clear and concise facts… Johns.

The next little thing along for me is Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen taking the reins on Superman from George Perez and Jesus Merino starting in issue #7.   Is it disappointing that DC is changing the creative teams around so quickly following the re-launch? Or is it refreshing? I’ll be checking out the books for IVAN REIS’ covers alone.  The forthcoming story/synopsis sounds quite lame… to be frank I’m not so confident in a successful run to #12 before the inevitable ‘3rd wave’.   Reis however is a hero himself – and may well end up saving the day on this project – interested.  On sale MARCH 28

AVENGERS VS X-MEN – everyone’s excited about this… right?  Writers Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction are joined by John Romita Jr, Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert on art – to tell a story based around the biggest fight in the MarvelU since Civil War? We’ve all seen the adverts, the match-ups, the pre-story… Marvel.com: “The Avengers and X-Men have learned that the all-powerful embodiment of both death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force is on a crash course for Earth…and it needs a new host to unleash its immeasurable power. But what is the shocking decision tied to the Phoenix’s return that will pit the Avengers against the X-Men? And when good friends become bitter enemies, what does this mean for the future of the Marvel Universe?” It probably means that we’ll be treated to some extraordinary fight scenes and artwork that most of us have fantasized about for years. It also means (in my head) that the characters will all need to ‘win’ in some way, to maintain their value, limiting the potential outcome slightly.  Who cares though… sold.

Before Watchmen. Again, anyone invested comics in any way will at least… look at these books, based on simple curiosity alone… surely?  The seven summer series which delve into the lives of the six main cast members in their ‘early years’ already have a suitable reputation, and a lot to live up to.  DC also plans to end the hotly anticipated run (1 issue published each week over 35 weeks) with a one-shot epilogue – capping the entire event and no doubt opening the door for a sequel movie… One that couldn’t be made and be taken seriously by the fans, without an original story in print, to draw from.  The creative teams on these books are seriously impressive with original “Watchmen” series editor Len Wein and colourist John Higgins joining the formidable list of creators involved.  The pick of the PR art is (for me) Adam Hughes’ cover… goodness me.   Meanwhile, unquestionable creative genius Alan Moore has been well documented in his disappointing resistance to these additions – in contrast – artist Dave Gibbons gave his blessing to the project saying, “I appreciate DC’s reasons for this initiative and the wish of the artists and writers involved to pay tribute to our work. May these new additions have the success they desire.”  Truly can’t wait for this.

Finally – the Coming Comic Conventions in the UK that could be cool… clearly.

Kapow! Comic Con
London’s Business Design Centre
May 19th – 20th

London Comic Con
May 25th – 26th 

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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  1. I just finished reading The Outfit… Darwyn Cookes work was a little sloppy here but basically I’ll buy anything this guy does. So, I just pre ordered the next installment… The Score!

    But what’s got me really drooling is IDWs next artist edition: DD Born Again…


    Boy, I really hope David Mazzucchelli knows how to scan properly and they use a decent printer. I hate looking at blurry or off registered images. Imagine if they go all the way and print this on acid free cotton fiber stock with a slight wove finish…. oooooh, that would be nice.

    I’m considering buying 2 copies. One save and one to take to bed with me…

  2. DD looks like a quality book.  Do you think Mazzucchelli will approve of this one? following the recent problems with the Year One hard cover…?
    Also:- who worked on inks and colours for DD by the way? I remember thinking David’s pencils had lost a lot of their… gloriousness, on the finished page.

    PS:- Though large, hard cover books are massively underrated – they’re rubbish for bedtime, digital works… since it’s backed up by light.  
    Have you ever dropped a hard cover on your face?
    Suggest not trying it.  Studio reading/reference only.

  3. Apparently Mazzucchelli is scanning the art himself and IDW is using this fact to help promote it… so I assume this means he approves.

    I was joking about taking the book to bed, of course. In fact, this book is not for reading… It’s meant to be stored away and only viewed under certain conditions, ie; when my kids are deep asleep.

    Scanning this book will be tricky. Although essentially B+W, they wanna capture all the notes and “flaws”… much of which is subtle. So it will have to be scanned as full colour, which will make the black inks look soft since it will be made up of CMYK as opposed to solid black…

    Should be available by end of summer… can’t wait to see it.


  4. The Year One Hard Cover is still fascinating to look at – I know Mazzucchelli himself was disappointed with the unfortunate and sadly ‘corporate’ treatment he received but –  it is, what it is…  the bonus material is still fantastic.
    Have you seen the movie yet?… thoughts?
    I may have to pick this book up myself now.

    It’s fine if you take books to bed… whatever floats your boat.

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