There’s no doubt you’ve heard a lot about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.  You’ve probably read Scott’s and Anthony’s thoughts on the movie, here on Comic Book Daily.

Well… I don’t have too many thoughts on the movie, because quite honestly… I fell asleep during it.

But from the parts that I was conscious and coherent during, it didn’t impress me much.

Man of Steel presented us with a new origin for Superman.  And I didn’t like it much.  Sure the parts that showed Clark using his powers in his youth were good (I’m a Smallville fan so I’m used to seeing Clark save people pre-tights & flight), but the rest of the movie was lacking for me.

I am a huge Superman movie fan.  I still consider Richard Donner’s original Superman to be one of the greatest Superhero movies of all time.  I also consider Richard Lester’s Superman II a perfect example on how Clark and Superman should be shown on screen.

Superman II

Sadly Man of Steel doesn’t live up to these two iconic movies.

I have no idea where Man of Steel went wrong.  Was it the story?  Was it the director?  Was it Christopher Nolan’s influence?

It could be a combination of those three.

DC handing the reigns of their super hero movies over to Christopher Nolan is a bad idea.  Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were two very amazing Batman movies.  Batman is a dark and gritty character, and Christopher Nolan’s style works very well with the Caped Crusader.  But dark and gritty doesn’t work for Superman.  He is supposed to be the “light” of the DC Universe.  Not a dark, conflicted character.

I lost faith in Christopher Nolan after The Dark Knight Rises, and my faith wasn’t restored after Man of Steel.

2006 was the first attempt on restarting the Superman movie franchise.  A lot of people don’t like Superman Returns.  I still think it was a very decent Superman movie.  It wasn’t a reboot or a remake.  It was a sequel to the original movies, but just updated to the current time.


It tried to carry on the feel and tone of the original movies.  Brandon Routh was a good Superman, but he was a better Clark Kent.  That is the real secret to a good Superman movie.  Clark.

While Superman is virtually a god, Clark is the human side of the character.  He is the person we can connect with.

The other thing I like about Superman Returns is the use of John Williams Superman March.  The Superman theme song is still my favourite movie theme of all time.  I really missed it being in Man of Steel (or… was it? I was asleep).

Who knows what will happen with the DC Cinematic Universe?  The ultimate plan is a Justice League movie with everything tied together.  But the Batman, Superman and Green Lantern movies were made with no connection together.  So I don’t see a Justice League movie happening anytime soon.  DC and Warner Brothers should have taken their cue from Disney and Marvel and made the new movie with something bigger in mind like The Avengers.

The only thing I can see happening with the DC Cinematic Universe is another reboot.  And hopefully they will make something that is more accessible to the general public, and make a movie that isn’t dark and gritty, so kids and families are able to see the movie together.