Hey folks!  Welcome to another edition of Knowing is Half the Battle.

And if you’ve noticed, I’ve moved from my normal Friday slot, to Monday.  Ahhh Monday!!!  Some people hate you.  Other people look at you as the opportunity to start a new week, and grab life by the tail (bring it!!!).

As for me, I just wanted a change.  I wanted to shake things up a bit.

Superman vs Bizarro

Since I’m shaking things up, there is something I want to know from you, trusty readers of Comic Book Daily.  What do you look for from us?

Do you visit CBD for hard-hitting news and opinion?

Or do you visit it for a fun and refreshing look at the world of comics and general geekdom?

I’ve been talking to readers and also my CBD colleagues about writing.  After talking to people, there is one thing I have noticed about my writing, I try to be optimistic.  I try to be positive.  I don’t like writing negative articles, and if I happen to write something negative I try to find the silver lining in the story.

But is that something you are wanting to read?

Would you prefer me to write about the things that interest me?  Do you want to read about my experiences in comics, and try to get you to understand who I am?

Or would you rather I write a scathing review about “whatever piece of drivel is released this week”?  And pine away about the good old days of comics, when every story was awesome and the artwork came from a “realm of heaven where only saints and angels tread”?

Flash and Reverse Flash

I’m not sure I can write like that.

I try not to take comics too seriously.  I try not to take myself too seriously some days too.  Comics are supposed to be fun.  It is a hobby.  I believe comics can be educational, and on some level I think they are more important than being referred to as “literary junk food”.  But on the same side of that argument, I think the comic book community takes it’s self too seriously, and as a whole we need to lighten up.

I would love to hear your input.  I want to know what you would like to read.  I can’t promise I’m going to deliver on a weekly basis, but if you want stories and honest opinion I will give you that on a weekly basis.

A quick little side note: this column marks the anniversary of me writing for Comic Book Daily for two years.  I want to thank you readers, and the other CBD writers (current and alumni) for supporting me, and making this adventure worthwhile.