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Salutations, dedicated comic clan! Meet your newest contributor to Comic Book Daily.

My name is Darah, and when I’m not attending various cons in appropriate costume, performing frighteningly accurate tarot readings, or putting the smackdown on society using infinite amounts of sarcasm and my handy vorpal blade, I also like to do that whole writing about comics thing when I have a spare moment, lots of opinions, and easy access to the Internet. So, here I am, and I’ve got quite a grab bag of creative projects in my orbit to share with you.

Now that I’ve successfully made my presence known to all the readers, let’s talk less about that and more about the awesome website that is They recently released a pretty sweet line of superhero- (and villain!) themed baseball-style caps. Upon visiting their homepage, you will discover that a handful of colorful Marvel and DC characters are sitting pretty alongside the logos of popular professional and college sports teams. I love when typically opposing forces can put their differences aside and come together in the name of Geekdom.

So far, Wolverine and Spiderman are hogging the spotlight in the Marvel selection while Superman and Batman reign as top picks in the DC section. I’m crossing my fingers that the website will continue to expand on the character options because, let’s face it: every girl needs the opportunity to wear a motivational She-Hulk cap for those days when the world tries to give her a beatdown.

Darah is a creature of space and sea temporarily gone walkabout on planet Earth. She brakes for intelligent sluts and practices hedonism as a religion. What she lacks in logic, she makes up for in parable. You can discuss tips, tricks, and tactics for surviving the pending apocalypse with her here: [email protected]

Darah Wraine
Darah Wraine
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