Anyone who has been watching the incredible increases in prices for Original Art and High Grade Vintage comic books can’t help but ask themselves if this can keep on going. Is the bubble about to burst? What is going on?

When the recession hit in 2008, it seems that a lot of people who had money were looking for a place to put it that could give them a better return than GIC’s or other more traditional ways of accruing interest.

Suddenly ultra high grade books and key images from some of the most beloved stories were receiving astronomical sums!

The cover for The Dark Knight Returns #2 went for $480,000.00! That’s right, four hundred and eighty thousand dollars! Now trust me when I tell you, my question does not come from a position of envy or a feeling that this is “unfair”. Life isn’t fair. Get over it. My question is,” can this continue”? I have included the image of the cover. Not one of my favorite images but that isn’t the point either.

Batman The Dark Knight Returns issue 2 cover by Frank Miller
Now I have no idea who bought this, but I sure hope he loves that image, because after all it is his money. More power to him. I just hope that this type of thing doesn’t cause the rest of the market to get beyond the reach of the true lover of comic art or vintage comic books for that matter.

When you look at some of the prices fetched for Top tier Key books like Action Comics #1. In 2013 a 3.0 went for $388,000.00. Not many of these babies around, that is for sure. Definitely out of reach for almost all of us.

Action Comics issue 1 CGC 30
Again, this isn’t sour grapes! This is not envy about the “1%”. This isn’t about income redistribution, or shaming those that have, and blaming them for those that do not. This is just a question about our hobby.

One of the most interesting things that I am noticing is that the mid grade Silver Age keys are not only available at still reasonable prices, but they seem to be in increasing in demand as a result of the ultra high grade being further out of reach. The Bronze Age books seem to be really starting to take off now as well opening up again books at prices many more collectors can get involved in.

The same can be said for original art that may not be the top tier, but are nonetheless desirable pages, and I think moving forward will retain and increase with any luck whatsoever. And yes, there is an element of luck involved. You pay your money and you take your chances.

I will close with a quote I have used often and will continue to use every time I get the chance. “Buy what you like, and you will never be disappointed!”

The flip side of owning original art that you do love is it’s hard to part with it. But there is always another Grail Page or back issue just around the next auction!

Continued Happy collecting! And…good luck as well.