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Auction Spotlight #8

Heros The Spartan Episode 13 from Eagle Magazine Volume 14 issue 22, 1963, sold for $2,629. Source. Another excellent Bellamy Heros double page spread. Simply stunning art. But what a change a few weeks can make. In Auction Spotlight #2…

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Collecting and Confusion

Over the last year or so, it seems like there is no end in sight to the record prices in our fantastic hobby. Never was it more evident than in  ComicLink’s  Featured Auction which ended last week with some staggering results. There was a…

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Heritage 2014 Feb 20-22 Comic Art Signature Auction

This week Heritage wrapped up its 2014 February 20 - 22 Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, covering a large array of classic covers and stunning artwork. A nice mix of silver age covers, modern classics and a range of strip art. The big winner was the cover to Action Comics issue 15 for $286,800.00, but these five pieces caught my eye.
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