Richmond Monuments

Quick read for you this week. We’re going to take a tour of the sculptures of Richmond Virginia as seen through the eyes of Bizhan Khodabandeh. Wait, I thought this was a webcomic column you say. Well it is, because every Sunday Bizhan takes one of the sculptures in Richmond and lets his mind dream up something fun to do with it, or for it to do.

I like to try and mix up genres week to week, but this one doesn’t really fit into any genre. It’s a single gag strip comic; there’s no deep ongoing plot or anything, but it’s a comic about statues and thwir private lives fer cryin’ out loud. Is that Adventure? Romance? Mystery?

Maybe that one is science fiction?

Sports? Horror?

Okay, I admit it, I’m just really enjoying watching statues come to life and do silly stuff. And how can you not enjoy it when it’s so well done. The strips are funny, it’s a goofy unique concept and the art is really well done. Bizhan does a lot of work for each strip, taking photos and noodling over details and his care shows. As does his ability to then take those very solid figures and give them character and life. And detail, and colour and yeah, he’s very good.

So good that you might decide to have yourself immortalized by Bizhan. Or as he puts it, Monumentalize. Hey, for $20 you can be a living statue.

He’s still only a few months in, and I’ve shown a bunch of strips, so it won’t take you long to read the rest. The strip updates on Sundays which is usually a quiet day for webcomics, so it could be come your Sunday morning chuckle.

Chris Howard
Chris Howard

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