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Hey team, I feel like garbage today and so while I self medicate with pop tarts and nyquil please enjoy this super awesome trailer for the new Batman video game.

Anthony Falcone
Anthony Falcone

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  1. The only other Batman game I enjoyed was Batman Begins.  Arkham Asylum took the best elements of Begins and made it better.

  2. Yeah, Chris and I talk about that on a daily basis. The first game was a bit of a sleeper hit with me; I wasn’t expecting it to be so good (let’s face it the other Batman games were pretty crap).

  3. For me, this is the best super hero game ever. The design, the gameplay, all of it is first class. The side missions, like the riddler’s clues. It’s all extremely well done. Much like Laura, I probably won’t be seeing sunlight for a few days when this comes out.

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