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Barry Smith’s Ka-Zar

A few months back, I wrote a column called “Barry Smith, On the Road to Windsor“. I recently revisited this column and noticed that I had, except for a one word mention, given his work on Ka-Zar in Astonishing Tales #3-6…

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Barry Smith on the road to Windsor

Barry Smith is a rarity in comic book artists. His first work was X-Men # 53 and was very much like many artists who came into comics at that time, a student of Jack Kirby. This issue in and of itself is really remembered because it was Barry Smith's first work , not because of the Blastaar story it contained. He did a few short stories in Marvels' horror comics, Tower of Shadows, Chamber of Darkness, a three issue stint on Daredevil(#50 -52) and then came Kazar and ...Conan.
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