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Undervalued Spotlight #337

Fantastic Four #232, Marvel Comics, July 1981 Our great little discussion over at my recent Auction Spotlight post heavily influenced this week’s Undervalued Spotlight pick, Fantastic Four #232. In the discussion commenters left opinions both in favor and against the…

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Hiding In Plain Sight

When writing my article “Keeping Kirby’s Legacy Alive” I did what you are supposed to do…research. I briefly mentioned John Byrne’s 1991 Omac Prestige series. I did not reread the mini series at the time but simply mentioned how much I…

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Byrned Up! Eh?

Have you ever noticed just how much work John Byrne has created in his career? It really is mind boggling.I would say he is probably the second most prolific artist ever.The first has got to be Jack Kirby. I have a…

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