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Covered 365: Day 147

Thor #147, Marvel Comics, February 1967 – Artist: Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby is an artist we sometimes take too much for granted. The King was a master of motion as is evident in this great battle scene. Throw in some…

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Undervalued Spotlight #194

Journey into Mystery #85, Marvel Comics, October 1962. Last Saturday evening my kid decides we should all watch Thor 2; I wanted to watch the Habs/Senators game. So Thor 2 starts and I kind of like it, I actually thought it was better than the first one. Near the end of the movie my kid mumbles something like “I really like Loki, he’s smart and crafty”. Woah!
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Superheroes attend Vaughan Winterfest

This year on February 9th, the Vaughan Winterfest celebrated its 25th anniversary. It is a great event that helps break up the monotony of a long winter, especially with the abundance of snow and cold temperatures we've had this year.
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