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Covered 365: Day 111

Captain America #111, Marvel Comics, March 1969 – Artist: Jim Steranko. Poster art at its finest, this cover is so in the zone and of the time, its great stuff from Mr. Steranko. That Unexpected #110 was a nice surprise…

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How To: Make a Custom Action Figure

In a previous edition of this column I talked about customizing action figures.  In the comments section, a reader asked “How do I customize an action figure?” This is a tough question to answer, without having any specific details.  Scott…

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Fear Itself #5 (of 7)

There’s nothing to fear except fear itself. In this case, the characters of the Marvel universe are faced with their worst fears as the Serpent slithers into their lives. Those fears are made reality as one by one they lose their own, and one by one they realize they may not win this battle. The Serpent has risen, and the tide of the battle may have swung forever against their favour.
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