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Undervalued Spotlight #322

Comico Christmas Special #1, Comico, December 1988 The Christmas edition of the Undervalued Spotlight shines its festive light on the Comico Christmas Special of 1988. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Ho Ho Ho! Let’s start with a…

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Time Capsule: Comico Attractions 9, 1987

A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time: Comico Attractions 9, 1987. A slick printed fold-over solicitation from Comico featuring a full colour mini-poster cover. What amazing books: Space Ghost with Steve Rude art, Night And The Enemy graphic…

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ComicLink Fall Featured Auction 2014 Original Art

The ComicLink Fall Featured Auction 2014 Original Art session ended last night. There was a large amount of items, over 650, and Featured Auctions are supposed to only have art expected to fetch $500 or more. A lot of great material was sold with some big dollars for the usual suspects. As always let's take a look at five pieces that are on the lower end of the spectrum, or as we art buyers like to think affordable.
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