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On a previous Pick 5, I highlighted 5 songs that feature Superheroes/Comics.  While reflecting on this Pick 5, I thought of music that has been featured in comic book movies.  Comic book movie soundtracks feature many songs, but some don’t actually see any screen time.  So this weeks Pick 5 is music that actually has some screen time.

5 – Scott Pilgrim – Bass Battle


Scott Pilgrim features lots of great songs (especially Sex Bob-Omb’s), but one of my favourites is the bass battle.

4 – Kick Ass – Crazy

A great scene with Kick Ass and Red Mist, cruising the streets listening to “Crazy”.

3 – Watchmen – All Along The Watch Tower


I am a big fan of movies about Vietnam.  And one of my favourite Vietnam/music moments is Paint It Black from the beginning of Tour of Duty.  Dr. Manhattan in Vietnam with All Along The Watch Tower is a definite close second.

2 – Dick Tracy – Sooner or Later

There are lots of great music moments in Dick Tracy.  This is my favourite.  Breathless singing while being disgusted by watching Lips Manlis eat.  “That was boo-tiful”

1 – The Losers – Don’t Stop Believing

This is #1.  This is one of the best scenes in the movie.  This scene has made people who don’t like Journey… at least like this song.  (Me?… I love Journey)

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  1. August 15, 2011

    Just found this now as I was bumming around the site. Good pick for number one. This is an amazing scene. Doesn’t he look just a touch like our ol’ Capt. Am? Just kidding, 😛

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