1. Ed
    March 14

    Hands down Arkham Asylum is the best comic video game of all time.  The Batman Begins video game was really good.  It was the first Batman game that was actually good (the rest have been horrible), but Arkham blows that one away.

    Batman is like Spider-Man, meaning, for the amount of games that have come out, there are only a couple that are any good.

    Now the programmers just need to make one good Superman game.

  2. Chris
    March 14

    I agree that Arkham Asylum is probably the best comic game ever. I think a special nod has to go to DC Universe though. The chance to see SO many of your favorite DC characters in a video game is awesome. It DOES suck that you don’t get to actually play any of the DC characters though.

  3. The Turtles in time for xbox 360 is not nearly as good as the originally.  Unfortunately they made a lot of unnecessary changes.

  4. I,Warren
    March 16

    I liked the original “Marvel Ultimate Alliance”.  It was fun unlocking the 70’s versions of Ghost Rider & Luke Cage.  Sweet Christmas!  And I liked the team bonuses if you made groups based on super-hero teams (Avengers, FF, X-Men, Defenders, Marvel Knights etc).

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