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  1. Charlie
    July 5

    Wow… so the publishers are basically planning to charge newsstand prices…? Unreal. Why not give it away free (beyond the trial offer) till it gains traction, then begin to charge for it once people are hooked. It worked for software and drug pushers…

    Apple came out on top because the music execs couldn’t figure it out and now it looks like the publishers are following the same path. I think the comic execs really need to get together and work collectively on this…

    1. Define and standardize what a digital comic is… ie; one browser to view them all.
    2. Figure out how to discourage illegal downloads, which are free and own-able.

    But the real battle ground should be to…

    3. Generate more interest. I mean, really put their heads together and come up with a plan. Free comic book day… great. DC revamp… even better! But what else…? Get those books into kids hands… stuff ’em in cereal boxes… or free with a video game purchase…?

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    BTW, I’ve been a huge fan of Apple but not lately due to their strong arm tactics. Flash, more specifically action script, is a very powerful tool. If Apple truly valued innovation, it would embrace Flash and allow it to grow. But now that Apple has a market cap that rivals Microsoft and Google, thanks to iTunes… they are trying to squash Flash. Why? Because Flash does not require their proprietary code to create apps, which Apple takes a whooping 30% cut!

    People are starting to use HTML5 but officially it wont be ready till a few years from now… and will require a few more years after that for everyone to get up to speed. Even at a minimum 5 year time frame… that’s like dog years when it comes to technology and anything could happen by then.

    Last I heard, Microsoft was on the fence about supporting HTML5… They most likely will but the fact that there was some buzz about MS buying Adobe in order to push back against Apple is interesting. Google of course is the other contender who’s trying to move computing into the cloud… very interesting times we live in!

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