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Covered 365: Day 88

Dark Horse Presents #88 – Dark Horse Comics, August 1994 – Artist: Mike Mignola. I’ve been looking at a lot of covers over these past few months and one era that has been disappointing has been the 1990s so when…

Undervalued Spotlight #280

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, #1, Dark Horse Comics, March 2007 Over the past couple of years there’s been all kinds of positive media on the rising number of female comic book readers. It’s often noted that there has…

How I Got My Job (A Series): Patrick Thorpe

Sadly, this interview wasn't able to happen in person, as Patrick is on the other side of the country in Dark Horse's home town of Portland, Oregon. Instead, we had a little internet back and forth to find out how Thorpe got his position with Dark Horse Comics as an Associate Editor.
Finder: Talisman Hardcover

Review | Finder: Talisman Hardcover

Carla Speed McNeil’s FINDER is both dense and inviting. Characters appear and disappear, panels jump from dreamscapes to reality, from flashback to flash forward. But each page further illuminates this lush and expansive sci-fi universe, and a little patience with…

Orchid #5

Books such as the revered Ex Machina series by Brian K. Vaughan and more recently Brian Bendis' Scarlet immediately spring to mind when considering series which are overtly political in their tone. The series have a distinct message to communicate to its readership whether as a commentary of the contemporary political arena or as a mobilizing rallying call against corruption. For well over 20 years, Tom Morello has presented his politics both as a member of rock bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, as well through his work as a solo artist. Last year Morello turned his attentions towards comic books as an avenue to explore his political side, scripting what would become Dark Horse's 12-issue maxi-series, Orchid.

The Immortal, Demon in the Blood #3

Dark Horse's modern, mystical samurai tale continued with its third issue last week. The story is based off the Japanese novel Ura-Enma, written by Fumi Nakamura and follows a young tattoo artist versed in the art of imbuing spirits into the subject of his artwork.

Going Digital

As many of you know I am a big fan of digital comics. Or rather, I am a big fan of Marvel ‘s digital unlimited service. For a mere $60 per year I have unlimited access to over 8000 comic…

Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36-40

Alexa Tomaszewski takes a look at the last few issues of Joss Whedon and co's epic finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight. Warning: Spoilers are to be had inside, so don't read this if you're trade waiting!

Undervalued Spotlight #59

Dark Horse Presents #1, Dark Horse Comics, June July/1986 Back in February 1935 a guy named Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson published a comic called New Fun Comics. New Fun contained funny animal stories and western stories that are of no real significance…

Artists I Heart: Joelle Jones

Have you ever had an artist that you’d follow to whatever project they’d do? Joelle Jones is that artist for me. Luckily though everything she’s done so far has been something I’d totally want to get anyway. I first found…