dd-vol-2-26Daredevil Vol. 2 #26, Marvel Comics, December 2001

Last week the Spotlight featured a great post from 1st time guest writer Readcomix. One of the comments left on his post was that his pick was too difficult to find. At least he wasn’t sadistic enough to pick Better Comics #1 or Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly. Not that Readcomix needs defending but the Spotlight should cover old and new, scarce and plentiful. A good mix keeps us guessing, a tough book keeps us dreaming. Nonetheless I made a note to pick a more readily available comic for this week.

A couple of years ago Charlie Kim left a comment on one of my posts that really stuck with me. I forget which post but Charlie brought attention to the fact that not enough people collect classic arcs and runs, that collecting these compact runs should be a viable collecting option. To be honest up until then I thought more along the lines of – the old guys collect the title runs – and the newbies focus more on individual key issues. The thought of the classic run or arc eluded me.

The Frank Miller Daredevil run, The Dark Phoenix Saga arc in the X-Men are examples of what Charlie was referring to. Each of these runs and arcs have issues in them that are heavily collected, like Daredevil #168 (1st Elektra) or X-Men #129 (1st Kitty Pryde). But the premise of the arc or the run being collected has you hunting down say Daredevil #168 to #181 (into Elektra to death of Elektra), a good plan if you ask me.

I finally got around to watching some of Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix and so far I’m liking it. As I was watching it I thought of the Alex Maleev Daredevil run he did with writer Brian Michael Bendis. The series has that gritty aesthetic that I used to like about the Maleev stint in the comic.

So as you can see there was no escaping this week’s Spotlight pick. Inspiration came from everywhere, from a comment on last week’s Spotlight, from a long ago comment left by CBD writer Charlie and from me being bored one night and checking out some Netflix. These 3 thoughts crossed paths directly over this week’s Undervalued Spotlight, Daredevil Vol. 2 #26.

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev spent over 4 years on the Daredevil title, 55 issues in all ending with #81. What they left behind was an important and massively influential body of work that shapes the character still today. These stories were crime drama stories focused on the daily humanity of the flawed hero in the unforgiving setting of gritty streets and dark dirty alleys. In a way Bendis and Maleev removed Daredevil from the larger Marvel U and put him where he belonged.

The last CGC 9.8 copy of Daredevil Vol. 2 #26 sold for $22. Comichron has the distribution figure for this issue at 56,566 which is relatively small and consider that fact that most of these have been floating around in bargain bins for the last 15 years you might be surprised how hard it will be to hunt one of these down. Make sure it’s square, centered and tight!

The 46th Overstreet price break for this book is $3.50 in the 9.2 grade split.

Reasons to buy this comic book as an investment.

  • 1st Bendis/Maleev issue
  • Dirt cheap
  • Start of an important run that has directly influenced the development of the character