Date, Marry, Kill.

Very simple this week.  In the interests of feeling like a child again AND to feel a greater connection to the fictional, comic characters that occupy our mischievous minds on a daily basis, I’d like to pose a simple question… In the world of comic books who would you date? Who would you marry? And who would you kill?  And when I say “kill” I do mean in the conventional sense, the character would actually remain dead for the foreseeable.  Creators also included.

While I acknowledge the natural urge to feel as though you’re “far too cool for such nonsense”, please just park your nerdy ego for 2 seconds and write 3 names below.  Please also feel free to explain your choices.

The reason for a rather ‘watered-down’ post this week is the re-emergence of my on-going webcomic: Celerity, which is currently consuming my free time and will soon continue with burst 2 exclusively on Comic Book Daily.  Please feel free to go back and read burst 1, which I hope to massively improve on with the new material; comments always welcome.   If anyone does actually read it – and would like a quirky cameo appearance in the background or would like to see something specific in the story – please add a comment below and (if it’s cool and plausible… or funny) I’ll work towards adding it in.

In the meantime, Date, Marry, Kill… the new and ‘not juvenile at all’ game that’s easy to play and everyone wins.

Best column ever.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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